Review of environmental factors influencing distributions of selected Baltic species

D4 Published development or research report or study

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List of Authors: Temming Axel, Niemax J, Zaiko Anastasija, Siaulys Andrius, Törnroos Anna, Clemmesen Catriona, Jaspers Cornelia, Oesterwind Daniel, Bonsdorff Erik, Mittermayer Felix, Kuosa Harry, Ojaveer Henn, Behrens Jane, Peters Janna, Renz Jasmin, Kotta Jonna, Dutz Jörg, Lehtiniemi Maiju, Winder Monika, Setälä Outi, Kotterba Paul, Puntila Riikka and Neuenfeldt Stefan
Publisher: EU Bonusproject BIO-C3
Publication year: 2015
Start page: 1
End page: 76


Executive Summary

This report presents a brief overview of ecologically or economically important species of different habitats and trophic levels in the Baltic. It supplies the modeling groups within BIO C3 with species specific information on environmental tolerances and preferences and identifies some gaps in knowledge. Where possible, information was provided on the distribution of species in relation to depth, salinity, temperature and oxygen concentrations, in some cases supplemented with experimental results. The species were chosen according to their ecological or economic importance for the Baltic Sea and their relevance for modeling tasks in BIO-C3.


Baltic sea, Marine biology

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