Understanding business networking processes through a time perspective

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Publikationens författare: Christopher John Medlin, Jan-Åke Törnroos
Redaktörer: N.A.
Publiceringsår: 2015
Förläggare: Australian-New Zealand Marketing Conference
Moderpublikationens namn: ANZMAC Conference Proceedings
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ISSN: 1441-3582


Change in a business network is understood through processes, which are often unpredictable and develop in an irregular manner. Handling change in a network involves a process of joint actions between technological, business and other actors in order to succeed. This notion of process needs to be extended with a relevant temporal lens that elaborates how joint activity and processes proceed. The conceptual paper offers a dynamic approach to scrutinize and develop current understanding about change and development in networks.

Key concepts: Business networks, process research, event networks, constructivism, innovation process


B2B, Business networks, Business-to-business marketing, constructivism, innovation

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