Transformation and survival strategy: Rural gentrification and social sustainability in gentrified metropolitan and urban ruralities, The case of Sundom, Vaasa, Finland

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List of Authors: Peter Ehrström
Editors: Kjell Andersson, Stefan Sjöblom, Leo Granberg, Peter Ehrström, Terry Marsden
Place: Bingley
Publication year: 2016
Publisher: Emerald
Book title: Metropolitan Ruralities
Title of series: Research in Rural Sociology and Development
Volume number: 23
Start page: 125
End page: 158
ISBN: 978-1-78560-797-4
eISBN: 978-1-78560-796-7
ISSN: 1057-1922


This chapter brings new knowledge on the effects of transformation in metropolitan and urban ruralities, as well as focus on social sustainability in these locations. The case of Sundom, Vaasa, Finland, highlights areas under pressure of transformation. 'Metropolitan ruralities' is used here as an umbrella concept, subdivided into metropolitan ruralities and smaller (non-metropolitan) urban ruralities. The core of the chapter is to study how and if current global trends in metropolitan ruralities are visible in localities further down the urban scale. A stricter rural gentrification is expected in metropolitan ruralities than in urban ruralities. Metropolitan ruralities are expected to attract more exurbanite migrants, and urban ruralities attract more 'exruralite' migrants. This chapter also outlines som practical and social implications, argues for strengthening social sustainability in metropolitan ruralities and puts some much needed focus on transformation in metropolitan as well as non-metropolitan urban ruralities.


exruralite, exurbanite, gentrification, metropolitan, rural, rurality, rurban, social sustainability, transformation, urban

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