Transmedia storybuilding in sloyd

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Publikationens författare: Annika Wiklund-Engblom, Kasper Hiltunen, Juha Hartvik, Mia Porko-Hudd
Redaktörer: Inmaculada Arnedillo Sánchez and Pedro Isaías
Publiceringsår: 2013
Förläggare: IADIS Press
Moderpublikationens namn: Proceedings of the IADIS International Conference on Mobile Learning 2013
Seriens namn: Mobile Learning 2013 Proceedings
ISBN: 978-972-8939-81-6


This paper describes the theoretical foundation for a work in progress project of developing a mobile learning solution for sloyd education named Talking Tools (TT). Being a learner in a multimodal, blended learning environment entails both consuming and creating own content using a number of media sources and tools. For sloyd education, this multimodal learning experience can be seen as transmedia storybuilding, in which dynamic content facilitates learning by multiple and flexible stimulations. The learning process is the learners’ own stories created through their transmedia learning experiences. We will look at the learning process of learners using the mobile learning solution from of a socio-cultural perspective of appropriating tools for learning. Phases of development are outlined in the paper.


computer-supported learning

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