Nanodiamond-Based Composite Structures for Biomedical Imaging and Drug Delivery

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Publikationens författare: Jessica M. Rosenholm, Igor I. Vlasov, Sergey A. Burikov, Tatiana A. Dolenko, Olga A. Shenderova
Förläggare: American Scientific Publishers
Publiceringsår: 2015
Tidskrift: Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Tidskriftsakronym: JNN
Volym: 15
Nummer: 2
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eISSN: 1533-4899


Nanodiamond particles are widely recognized candidates for biomedical applications due to their excellent biocompatibility, bright photoluminescence based on color centers and outstanding photostability. Recently, more complex architectures with a nanodiamond core and an external shell or nanostructure which provides synergistic benefits have been developed, and their feasibility for biomedical applications has been demonstrated. This review is aimed at summarizing recent achievements in the fabrication and functional demonstrations of nanodiamond-based composite structures, along with critical considerations that should be taken into account in the design of such structures from a biomedical point of view. A particular focus of the review is core/shell structures of nanodiamond surrounded by porous silica shells, which demonstrate a remarkable increase in drug loading efficiency; as well as nanodiamonds decorated with carbon dots, which have excellent potential as bioimaging probes. Other combinations are also considered, relying on the discussed inherent properties of the inorganic materials being integrated in a way to advance inorganic nanomedicine in the quest for better health-related nanotechnology.


biomedical imaging, carbon nanostructures, Core-shell, drug delivery, mesoporous silica, nanodiamonds

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