Measurement methodology for greenhouse gas emissions from storage of forest chips–A review

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Publikationens författare: M. Jämsén, D. Agar, E. Alakoski, E. Tampio, M. Wihersaari
Publiceringsår: 2015
Tidskrift: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
Volym: 51
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eISSN: 1879-0690


Research on greenhouse gas emission related to solid biofuels has focused mainly on the emissions from end use and the production chain. GHG emissions from the storage of forest chips have not received much attention in recent literature. In order for EU emission reduction targets to be fully understood, emissions from solid biofuel storage needs to be better described. Usually emissions from chip piles have been modelled using studies from organic waste composting but these two materials can differ appreciably; for example the C/N-ratio and moisture content.

Herein, previous studies on greenhouse gas emissions from forest chips piles during storage are reviewed. The objective is to report on the methodology for measuring GHG emissions from organic waste composting in order to understand the suitability of applying the same methods for measuring emissions from woody biomass piles.


Composting, Forest chips, greenhouse gas emissions, Measurement methodology, storage, wood chips

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