Modelling “Operation-Calls” in Event-B with Shared-Event Composition

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Publikationens författare: Andrew Edmunds, Marina Walden
Förläggare: Turku Centre for Computer Science (TUCS)
Förlagsort: Turku
Publiceringsår: 2015
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ISBN: 978-952-12-3292-3


Flexible and efficient development approaches are becoming important for developing high-integrity systems. Formal methods, such as Event-B, may be used as part of the engineering process. Event-B is used for the specification, and development, of high-integrity systems, and is underpinned by mathematical rigour. In the ADVICeS project we are working to improve reuse, with the aim of increasing agility. The existing top-down approach would benefit from bottom-up reusability/scalability solutions. Previous work on Event-B components, was based on the shared-event composition approach. We extended this to introduce reusable components, interfaces, and a reuse mechanism. However, the communication between components is modelled at a relatively high level of abstraction. A more concrete specification would include interfaces with ‘callable’ interface events, modelling operations, and have additional syntax to allow modelling of their invocation. In this paper we describe how such interface events, and the call syntax, may be introduced to our approach.


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