Professional interests

My general research interest lies in the social-psychological study of the effects of long-term social changes on individuals’ worldviews and values. This has involved the development of methodology for the study of religions and worldviews, and in that I have particularly focused on the promotion of pragmatism, quantitative and mixed-methods approaches, and Actor-Network Theory in our field of study. My substantial work focuses on individual's value priorities and subjective worldview types, social movement studies, contemporary Paganism, and societal value change.

Research Areas


actor-network theory, methodology in the study of religions, mixed-methods, Paganism, post-materialist value change, pragmatism, quantitative methods, religion in Europe, religious change, social movement studies, vernacular religion, worldview studies

Peer-reviewed publications

A1 Journal article (refereed)
Contemporary fundamentalist Christianity in Finland: the variety of religious subjectivities and their association with values (2016)
Mika Lassander, Peter Nynäs
Interdisciplinary Journal for Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society
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A3 Book section, Chapters in research books
A Clash of Values (2015)
Mika Lassander, Veronika Kahoul, Sofia Sjö, Laura Wickström
On the Outskirts of "the Church". Diversities, Fluidities and New Spaces of Religion in Finland
A1 Journal article (refereed)
LGBT Activism and Reflexive Religion: A Case Study from Finland in the Light of Social Movements Theory (2015)
Peter Nynäs, Mika Lassander
Journal of Contemporary Religion
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Other publications

E1 Popularised article, newspaper article
Arvot vereslihalla (2016)
Mika Lassander


Other Research Activities

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