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A4 Conference proceedings
Can IT health-care applications improve the medication tray-filling process at hospital wards? An exploratory study using eye-tracking and stress response (2014)
Natalia Dias Rodriguez, Johan Lilius, Riitta Danielsson-Ojala, Hanna Pirinen, Lotta Kauhanen, Sanna Salanterä, Sebu Björklund, Joachim Majors, Kimmo Rautanen, Tapio Salakoski, Ilona Tuominen
IEEE Computer Society Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
A4 Conference proceedings
Smart Dosing: A Mobile Application for Tracking the Medication Tray-Filling and Dispensation Processes in Hospital Wards (2014)
Khan NA, Díaz Rodríguez N, Danielsson-Ojala R, Pirinen H, Kauhanen L, Salanterä S, Majors J, Björklund S, Rautanen K, Salakoski T, Tuominen I, Porres I, Lilius J
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