Doctoral student

Aino Haataja



I received my BA and MA degrees from the University of Turku, and as part of my Master's Studies I went on an exchange to Dublin, Ireland, and studied at the English department of Trinity College Dublin. That is where I first read the author I now study, Maria Edgeworth.

Yrkesmässiga intressen

  • I study worldliness in Maria Edgeworth’s fictions of
    development. By worldliness I mean a view of life where social existence and
    society take center-stage, are of great value, and provide a set of roles and
    identities to adopt. Drawing on sincerity research and previous studies of
    worldliness and unworldliness in literature (eg. Peter Brooks, The Novel of Worldliness:
    Crébillon, Marivaux, Laclos, Stendhal
    , and Stephanie Hershinow, Born Yesterday: Inexperience
    and the Early Realist Novel
    ), my thesis steps back and aims at
    taking a larger perspective on the idea of "world", primarily
    referring to fashionable society, in Edgeworth’s real-life environment and in
    her fiction. Instead of zooming in on worldliness or unworldliness separately,
    I aim at examining the interplay between the two stances in Edgeworth's
    non-fiction and fiction and their link to ideas of the self (via sincerity
    studies, where the concept of "society" is central).

  • I have presented at the British Association for
    Romantic Studies 2019 conference on Edgeworth's relativization of gentility and "good company" in Ormond.


I have taught medieval English literature to second-year students. It is a survey module, comprising a short weekly lecture and small group tutorials. We have read texts such as Beowulf and "The York Play of the Crucifixion". This teaching has been a great addition to my experience in foreign language teaching, and I have supplemented my language teacher studies with some modules on teaching in higher education and digital tools in teaching.

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