Jens Luoto


Peer-reviewed publications

A1 Journal article (refereed)
Heat Shock Factor 2 Protects against Proteotoxicity by Maintaining Cell-Cell Adhesion (2020)
Joutsen J, Da Silva AJ, Luoto JC, Budzynski MA, Nylund AS, de Thonel A, Concordet JP, Mezger V, Sabéran-Djoneidi D, Henriksson E, Sistonen L
Cell Reports
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A1 Journal article (refereed)
The influence of mineral particles on fibroblast behaviour: A comparative study (2018)
Diosangeles Soto Veliz, Jens C Luoto, Ilari Pulli, Martti Toivakka
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces
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