Heidi Enwald

Research Associate, Information Studies
Email: heidi.enwald@abo.fi

Peer-reviewed publications

A1 Journal article (refereed)
Anticipating ageing: Older adults reading their medical records (2018)
Isto Huvila, Heidi Enwald, Kristina Eriksson-Backa, Noora Hirvonen, Hai Nguyen, Isabella Scandurra
Information Processing and Management
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A1 Journal article (refereed)
Feasibility of mobile mental wellness training for older adults (2018)
Heidi Similä, Mika Immonen, Jaana Toska-Tervola, Heidi Enwald, Niina Keranen, Maarit Kangas, Timo Jämsä, Raija Korpelainen
Geriatric Nursing
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A1 Journal article (refereed)
Health information seeking, beliefs about abilities, and health behaviour among Finnish seniors (2018)
Kristina Eriksson-Backa, Heidi Enwald, Noora Hirvonen, Isto Huvila
Journal of Librarianship and Information Science
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A4 Conference proceedings
Preliminary Results of a Survey on User Opinions and Experiences on an Online Diabetes Risk Test (2018)
Hai Nguyen, Kristina Eriksson-Backa, Heidi Enwald
Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems
A4 Conference proceedings
Relationship Between Everyday Health Information Literacy and Attitudes Towards Mobile Technology Among Older People (2018)
Heidi Enwald, Noora Hirvonen, Maarit Kangas, Niina Keränen, Timo Jämsä, Isto Huvila, Raija Korpelainen
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A1 Journal article (refereed)
eHealth Literacy Research - Quo Vadis? (2017)
Lena Griebel, Heidi Enwald, Heidi Gilstad, Anna-Lena Pohl, Julia Moreland, Martin Sedlmayr
Informatics for Health and Social Care
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A1 Journal article (refereed)
Health information behaviour, attitudes towards health information and motivating factors for encouraging physical activity among older people: differences by sex and age (2017)
Heidi Enwald, Maarit Kangas, Niina Keränen, Milla Immonen, Heidi Similä, Timo Jämsä, Raija Korpelainen
Information Research
A4 Conference proceedings
Opinions and use of mobile information technology among older people in Northern Finland : preliminary results of a population based study (2016)
Heidi Enwald, Nina Keränen, Isto Huvila, Maarit Kangast, Rija Korpelainen, Timo Jämsä
Association for Information Science and Technology
A1 Journal article (refereed)
Taking Health Information Behaviour into Account in the design of e-health services (2016)
Isto Huvila, Stefan Ek, Heidi Enwald, Kristina Eriksson‐Backa, Noora Hirvonen , Helena Känsäkoski
Finnish Journal of eHealth and eWelfare

Other publications

B1 Non-refereed journal articles
Yli 50-vuotiaiden näkemyksiä sähköisten terveydenhuoltopalveluiden sisällöstä
: systemaattinen kirjallisuuskatsaus
Heidi Enwald, Helena Känsäkoski, Kristina Eriksson-Backa, Noora Hirvonen, Isto Huvila

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