Thomas Karv (1988) is a research associate and
university teacher at Samforsk, The Social Science Research Institute, an
independent department within the Faculty of Social Sciences, Business and
Economics at Åbo Akademi University. Thomas finished his doctoral dissertation
in political science with mass communication in the autumn of 2019, specializing in EU attitudes, and he
is currently a project researcher, focusing on the relationship between regime support and democratic
backsliding. Thomas is, furthermore, also an elected
member of the City Council and City Board of Uusikaarlepyy (Nykarleby), Finland.

Professional interests

Thomas is a research associate employed as a part of the The Center of Excellence ”The Future of Democracy” (FutuDem) at Åbo Akademi University, which sets out to study democracy with a comparative and multi-methodological approach. Within this broad research project, Thomas focuses on the concepts of regime support and democratic backsliding, with a specific focus on the on-going process of authoritarisation in post-communist Eastern European countries.
Other research interests relates to general survey research about different kinds of political attitudes (political trust, democratic satisfaction etc.), system support theories and the functioning of regional and global governance institutions.


Political Institutions in the European Union (advanced level)

Politikens teori och praxis (bachelor level)

Idéer och ideologier (bachelor level)

Demokratins grundprincuper (bachelor level)

International relations and conflicts (advanced level)

Research Areas


comparative politics, Democratic diffusion, European elections, European Union, Finland, European integration, Social Attitudes

Peer-reviewed publications

A3 Book section, Chapters in research books
Party switching between the Parliamentary - and EP elections (2019)
Thomas Karv
A3 Book section, Chapters in research books
Whom do Finns trust? In-group and out-group trust in Finland (2019)
Thomas Karv, Maria Bäck

Other publications

D4 Published development or research report or study
Kommuninvånarenkäten i Närpes 2019: Resultatrapport (2019)
Thomas Karv, Kim Strandberg
B2 Book section
Luottamus Euroopan Unioniin (2019)
Thomas Karv, Tapio Raunio
D2 Article in a professional book
The European elections 2019 in Finland - not even a second-order election (2019)
Kim Strandberg, Thomas Karv

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