Peer-reviewed publications

A1 Journal article (refereed)
Designing Printable Medicinal Products: Solvent System and Carrier-Substrate Screening (2014)
Raijada D, Genina N, Fors D, Wisaeus E, Peltonen J, Rantanen J, Sandler N
Chemical Engineering and Technology
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A1 Journal article (refereed)
Behavior of printable formulations of loperamide and caffeine on different substrates-Effect of print density in inkjet printing (2013)
Genina N, Fors D, Palo M, Peltonen J, Sandler N
International Journal of Pharmaceutics
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A4 Conference proceedings
Fabrication of printed drug-delivery systems (2013)
Natalja Genina, Ruzica Kolakovic, Mirja Palo, Daniela Fors, Helka Juvonen, Petri Ihalainen, Jouko Peltonen, Niklas Sandler
Society for Imaging Science and Technology

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