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A2 Review article, Literature review, Systematic review
Review of the book of Shahram Khosravi, ‘Illegal Traveller’ An Auto-Ethnograph (2011)
Magdalena Kmak, Antti Sadinmaa
Suomen Antropologi
D4 Published development or research report or study
Wisdom Working group: Report on Sense-scape Workshop 'Sensing the Wisdom that Sits' (2011)
Walters Victoria and Jaana Kouri
A2 Review article, Literature review, Systematic review
Listening the Troubled Waters: Ethnographical Work as a Reciprocal Activity (2010)
Jaana Kouri
Anthropological Journal of European Cultures
A1 Journal article (refereed)
Crystallographic identification of metal-binding sites in Escherichia coli inorganic pyrophosphatase (1996)
Kankare J, Salminen T, Lahti R, Cooperman BS, Baykov AA, Goldman A
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