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G5 Doctoral dissertation (article)
The lattice Boltzmann method, a petaflop and beyond (2018)
Robertsén Fredrik
D3 Professional conference proceedings
An Ontology for Wearables Data Interoperability and Ambient Assisted Living Application Development. (2016)
Natalia Díaz Rodríguez, Stefan Grönroos, Frank Wickström, Johan Lilius, Henk Eertink, Andreas Braun, Paul Dillen, James Crowley, Jan Alexandersson,
A4 Conference proceedings
A Semantic Security Framework and Context-Aware Role-Based Access Control Ontology for Smart Spaces (2016)
Shohreh Hosseinzadeh, Seppo Virtanen, Natalia Díaz Rodríguez, Johan Lilius
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A4 Conference proceedings
A Theory of Service Dependency (2016)
Mats Neovius, Luigia Petre, Kaisa Sere
Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science
Open Publishing Association
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A4 Conference proceedings
Optimal Digital Valve Control Using Embedded GPU (2016)
Johan Ersfolk, Pontus Boström, Ville Timonen, Jan Westerholm, Jonatan Wiik, Otso Karhu, Matti Linjama, Marina Waldén
Tampereen teknillinen yliopisto
A4 Conference proceedings
Cost-Efficient, Utility-Based Caching of Expensive Computations in the Cloud (2015)
Benjamin Byholm, Fareed Jokhio, Adnan Ashraf, Sébastien Lafond, Johan Lilius, Ivan Porres
IEEE Computer Society Conference Publishing Services (CPS)
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A1 Journal article (refereed)
Generating Heat Maps of Popular Routes Online from Massive Mobile Sports Tracking Application Data in Milliseconds While Respecting Privacy (2015)
Jani Sainio, Jan Westerholm, Juha Oksanen
ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information
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A1 Journal article (refereed)
Methods for deriving and calibrating privacy-preserving heat maps from mobile sports tracking application data (2015)
Oksanen J, Bergman C, Sainio J, Westerholm J
Journal of Transport Geography
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A3 Book section, Chapters in research books
Towards Correct and Reusable Network-on-Chip Architectures (2015)
Maryam Kamali, Luigia Petre, Kaisa Sere, Masoud Daneshtalab
A1 Journal article (refereed)
A Fuzzy Ontology for Semantic Modelling and Recognition of Human Behaviour (2014)
Natalia Díaz Rodríguez, Manuel P. Cuéllar, Johan Lilius, Miguel Delgado Calvo-Flores
Knowledge-Based Systems
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