Bioanalytical Chemistry
Startår: 2015
Slutår: 2017
Organisation: Åbo Akademi University
Bioanalytical chemistry focuses on determination and analysis of the structure proteins, peptides, DNA, drugs, and the goals of experiments performed in this field are e.g. protein and DNA sequencing, determination of the drug or its metabolite in a sample, determination of larger biomolecular structures, and characterization of specific intermolecular interactions by means of analytical chemistry specifically adapted for life sciences.
Bioanalytical chemistry gives understanding of biochemistry aspects behind the analytes of interest, but it is also about physical background of the instrumental methods, their possibilities, and limitations. The knowledge acquired within the course are important in research, development and production in the pharmaceutical industry, health care labs, forensic labs, drug testing labs, proteomic and genomic research labs, plus technical jobs in all areas mentioned above.

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