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FINSSE-8: 'What's in a Century'
In celebration of the fact that 2017 marks the centenary of Finland’s independence and the fifth centenary of the Reformation, the FINSSE-8 conference will open up avenues for discussing these landmark events, as well as other aspects of periodization within English Studies.

English Studies in Finland began as early as 1830 with the appointment of John Wellmer as a lecturer in the University of Helsinki, but it was Uno Lindelöf, the holder of the first Anglicist PhD in Finland (1890), who consolidated the subject’s position: taking on the post of Professor extraordinary in English in the same institution in 1907 and occupying the first Chair when it was established in 1921.

Since then, English Departments have been created in eight universities in Finland, with 2016 marking the 70th anniversary of Y.M. Biese’s appointment as the first Professor of English Language in the University of Turku and 2017 falling 80 years after the establishment of Finland’s second Professorship in the subject: the J.O.E. Donner Chair in English Language and Literature at Åbo Akademi University, held first by H.W. Donner.

The eighth FINSSE conference is organized jointly by the two English Departments in Turku (UTU and ÅAU), and it is open to members of the Finnish Society for the Study of English and other interested individuals.

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