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The connected urban community
Startdatum: 01.01.2019
Slutdatum: 31.12.2020
Smart and Wise Turku is one of the City of Turku’s spearhead projects that combines the strategic goal of
regional carbon neutrality in 2040 with the Smart City concept. It aims, among other things, to improve the
citizens’ well-being, and utilize digitalization as a means to that end. Emerging mobile technologies (5G)
promise to match the very large growth in data and connectivity demanded by tomorrow’s modern society
with billions of connected devices embedded in the city infrastructure and vehicles or worn by pedestrians,
and innovative services that build on the devices. One of the main contributions of 5G to urban planning is
that it enables smart, situation aware environments: The very low latency of 5G networks enables real-time
collection and analysis of data, and instantaneous automated reactions to people’s behaviours. Situation
awareness is the critical elusive foundation for decision-making while inadequate situation awareness is one
of the primary factors in accidents attributed to human error. Hence, situation aware systems, which
“understand” humans’ actions, would be highly desirable. The challenge of 5G, from the urban planning point
of view, is that the high volume of data produced, and the very short response times allowed for real-time
analysis, necessitate a shift toward decentralized edge computing, largely or completely performed on
distributed device nodes on the fringe of the network. The practical problem with developing situation aware
city environments is identifying the spaces that benefit the most from situation awareness: smart spaces will
be costly to develop with a myriad of connected devices embedded in streets and buildings of the city. The
academic challenge is that we currently do not know how to determine what kind of 5G-supported smart
features in the city design would meet the criteria of being helpful and creating value for their users. In this
multidisciplinary research project, we seek to tackle the challenge by identifying aspects of the citizen’s
everyday life that would benefit the most from being assisted by the 5G enabled situation aware city

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