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Poetry teaching through dance and visual teaching pedagogies: A systematic literature review
Startdatum: 26.06.2019
Slutdatum: 28.06.2019
Evenemangstid: The 12th international ARLE Conference at NOVA University of Lisbon, June 26th to 28th 2019
Recently, the teaching of poetry using aesthetic methods has increased in the literature classroom (see Kleppe & Sorby, 2018). As an art form, poetry creates and challenges intellectual, emotional and aesthetic experiences, which is closely related to experiences gained in dance and visual arts. Still, there exists no systematic overview of the research conducted on poetry teaching through dance and visual methods. To bridge this gap, this paper presents a systematic literature review of research on poetry teaching using dance and visual teaching pedagogies. In the systematic literature review (Bajares, Forsberg & Wengström, 2013), we turn our interest both towards the teaching of poetry reading and poetry writing to gain a comprehensive overview of poetry teaching situated in primary and secondary educational settings. The study is limited to peer-reviewed articles written in English published between 2000 and 2018. The research questions guiding this paper are: (1) What arguments are raised for teaching poetry using dance and visual teaching pedagogies? (2) What research designs are used to study dance and visual teaching pedagogies in poetry teaching? (3) What findings and implications are presented for poetry teaching using dance and visual teaching pedagogies? In this paper presentation, we present our findings, identify research gaps and discuss possibilities for further research, in order to add to the body of knowledge of poetry pedagogy.

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