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Mainstreaming multilingual pedagogies in European initial teacher education
Startdatum: 22.08.2019
Slutdatum: 23.08.2019
Evenemangstid: 23.8.2019
Mainstreaming multilingual pedagogies in European initial teacher education
Mari Bergroth, Siv Björklund, Linda Storås & Jenny Haagensen
Åbo Akademi University

In the interest of all children and youths in the EU, we must move away from monolingual norms in classroom practices towards better education and social change. Such an approach is indispensable for all students irrespective of their linguistic, social or ethnic background. A dual focus on both content and language raises specific concern among subject/content teachers who are not educated to adopt a language-oriented perspective in their content teaching. Consequently, the idea of mainstreaming multilingual pedagogies through initial teacher education needs to be based upon the general pedagogical principles and knowledge that are shared by all teachers (e.g. Blömeke & Delaney 2012). We argue that all students need teachers who are ‘linguistically sensitive/responsive’ (Lucas & Villegas, 2013). Despite the existing research and the number of tools developed for individual teachers, it remains difficult to change the monolingual policies and practices in schools. Without adequate support teachers may continue their teaching in a business-as-usual way. Yet, the current educational provision remains insufficient and fragmented regarding linguistically sensitive teaching. In practice, diversity education is treated nearly everywhere as an isolated ‘add-on’ and offered in separate courses or extra modules by teacher education institutes and providers of in-service professional development and support (EC, 2017. Preparing Teachers for Diversity). Hence, it remains insufficiently mainstreamed as an integrated component of teaching practice.

Mainstreaming multilingual pedagogies through initial teacher education can also be paradoxical, because who will teach the teacher educators if not the teacher educators themselves? This paper presents project Linguistically sensitive teaching in all classrooms (Listiac) which is a European Policy Experimentation project (Erasmus+). The partnership includes three ministries and seven universities. The project aims to influence European initial teacher education curricula in the partner countries so that reflection and awareness of linguistically sensitive teaching is better integrated during all stages of teacher education. The experiment is based on action research and aims to reach especially those teacher educators who do not have previous experience in mainstreaming multilingual pedagogies.

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