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Raising Language Awareness within Minority Medium ECEC through In- service Training
Startdatum: 15.05.2019
Slutdatum: 16.05.2019
Evenemangstid: 15-16 May 2019
Raising language awareness within minority medium ECEC through in-service training Mari Bergroth and Katri Hansell
ECEC centres are professional learning communities where it is important that the staff understand and assess the values and beliefs underlying their actions in order to develop the operational culture. Finland has taken a multilingual turn in education and ECEC is expected to better promote multilingual childhoods for all children, starting at an early age (0–5 years) (EDUFI, 2016). This presentation aims to investigate language aware operational culture in Swedish-medium ECEC centres.
The data stems from a national, in-service training project which expects to increase understanding of multilingual language awareness (MINEDU, 2017). Approximately 90 participants with varying educational backgrounds from multiple ECEC centres and areas conducted a SWOT-analysis (Parment & al., 2016) on six different aspects – identified in societal discourses – of the concept ‘language awareness’ at their respective ECEC centres.
The findings were shared in group discussions during the second in-service training meeting. Forty participants agreed to audio record these discussions – 9 recordings of approximately 60 minutes each – for a more detailed analysis by the researcher-teacher educators giving the training.
Despite the participants sharing a similar minority language position, they encountered different challenges and opportunities for promoting language awareness operational culture. The results accentuate the need to carefully define what is meant by the abstract notion of the concept ‘language awareness’ in a given context in order for staff to understand the significance of the values, knowledge and beliefs underlying their actions for multilingual childhoods.

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