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Via Meaning-Making Towards Emancipatory Writing: A Multiliteracies Approach to Swedish L1 and L2 Classrooms
This poster highlights stages and research interests with a multiliteracies approach to researching Swedish L1 and L2 classrooms. The project aims at presenting an expanded perspective on writing, where meaning-making through different modes of meaning and emancipatory writing activities among students of different ages are studied. The project gathers researchers from Finland, Sweden and the USA. At the core of the project are different writers of Swedish as L1 or L2 in mainly educational settings and their engagement in meaning-making literacy activities. The theoretical framings of the project are inspired by a sociocultural perspective, multiliteracies, multimodality and embodied learning. Students of different ages and in different language environments have contributed with research material. Project data consist of student texts produced in different contexts, such as matriculation exams, classroom literacy environments, assigned writing tasks and blogs. Meaning-making through different modes of meaning is represented by dance, film and musical. Writing centers and writing tutors serve as examples of practices for developing emancipatory student writing.

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