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B1 Non-refereed journal articles
Yli 50-vuotiaiden näkemyksiä sähköisten terveydenhuoltopalveluiden sisällöstä
: systemaattinen kirjallisuuskatsaus
Heidi Enwald, Helena Känsäkoski, Kristina Eriksson-Backa, Noora Hirvonen, Isto Huvila
A1 Journal article (refereed)
You eat what you are: Personality-dependent filial cannibalism in a fish with paternal care (2016)
Vallon MA, Grom C, Kalb N, Sprenger D, Anthes N, Lindström K, Heubel KU
Ecology and Evolution
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O2 Other
Youth and sustainable co-creativa citizenship (2016)
Henrik Kurkiala, Jan Grannäs, Jacob Kurkiala, Pia Nyman-Kurkiala
A1 Journal article (refereed)
Youth Political Participation in a Transition Society: Special Issue on Memory, Youth, Political Legacy And Civic Engagement (2016)
Airi-Alina Allaste, David Cairns
Studies of Transition States and Societies
A3 Book section, Chapters in research books
Yahweh Manifests Himself between Two Cherubim: An Approach to the Reception History of Hab 3:2 (2015)
Laato Antti
Lit verlag
A1 Journal article (refereed)
Young Finnish Unemployed Men’s Experiences of Having Participated in a Specific Active Labor Market Program (2015)
Ove Björklund, Elisabeth Häggström, Lisbet Nyström
American Journal of Men's Health
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A4 Conference proceedings
Youth, Citizenship and Democracy: Findings from a youth survey in two Nordic regions (2015)
Kurkiala Jacob, Nyman-Kurkiala Pia, Grannäs Jan, Söderberg Patrik, Kyheröinen Joni
D2 Article in a professional book
Yrkeshögskolereformen och de svenska yrkeshögskolorna (2015)
Broo Roger
A2 Review article, Literature review, Systematic review
Year's work in Old English studies 2010: Syntax (2014)
Matti Kilpiö, Brita Wårvik
Old English newsletter
C2 Edited book
Yhteisöä purkamassa ; i "Kotiseutu ja kansakunta. Miten suomalaista historiaa on rakennettu?" (2014)
Markkola Pirjo, Snellman Hanna, Östman Ann-Catrin
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