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A4 Conference proceedings
Efficient task-based code generation for SDF graph execution on multicore processors (2018)
Georgios Georgakarakos, Johan Lilius
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A4 Conference proceedings
Energy efficiency of exhaust air heat recovery while controlling building air humidity: a case study (2018)
Ron Zevenhoven, Rickard Erlund, Tor-Martin Tveit
The Silesian University of Technology
A4 Conference proceedings
Estimation of liquid levels in the BF hearth (2018)
Mikko Helle, Henrik Saxén, Mauricio Roche, Gerard Louwerse, Jan van der Stel
ASMET, Austrian Society for Metallurgy and Materials
A4 Conference proceedings
Examining Elementary Teachers’ Use of Digital Instructional Resources: A Cross-Cultural Study (2018)
Janine Remillard, Hendrik Van Steenbrugge, Rowan Machalow, Tuula Koljonen, Kirsti
Hemmi, Heidi Krzywacki

European Society for Research in Mathematics Education
A4 Conference proceedings
Experimental and modeling approaches to simulate temperature-gradient induced intradeposit chemical processes with implications for biomass boiler corrosion (2018)
Daniel Lindberg, Jonne Niemi, Markus Engblom, Tor Laurén, Patrik Yrjas, Mikko Hupa
The Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers (KIChE)
A4 Conference proceedings
Exploring Library Loan Data for Modelling the Reading Culture: Project LibDat (2018)
Mats Neovius, Kati Launis, Olli Nurmi
CEUR Workshop Proceedings
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