Modeling of coating layer mechanical properties

A4 Conference proceedings

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List of Authors: Martti O. Toivakka, Douglas W. Bousfield
Editors: TAPPI
Publisher: TAPPI Press
Place: Atlanta
Publication year: 2001
Publisher: TAPPI Press, TAPPI Press
Book title: Proceedings of TAPPI Advanced Coating Fundamentals Symposium
Start page: 293
End page: 328
ISBN: 9780898529869


A novel micromech. model is proposed to predict mech. and viscoelastic properties of pigmented coating layers. The model describes the macroscopic response of a coating by calcg. microscopic interactions between pigment particles that are connected with latex bridges.The model is applied to a sinusoidal deformation and compared with exptl. data. Results explain changes in mech. properties of coatings at different pigment vol. concns.

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