Plastek: Atmospheric plasma treatment

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List of Authors: Kuusipalo J, Tuominen M, Lahti J, Lahtinen K, Nättinen K, Nikkola J, Vartiainen J, Mannila J, Kallio M, Hurme E, Kaukoniemi O, Sundqvist H, Erho T, Hakola L, Toivakka M, Pykönen M, Harlin A, Peltola M
Publication year: 2007
Book title: PulPaper 2007 Conference; Future surface treatments


The main objective has been the development of an inline plasma treatment process suitable for industrial process. The equipment and method for atmospheric plasma treatment of roll-to-roll substrates has been developed. Improvements in the laminate adhesion and treatment durability in comparison with corona have been achieved especially in higher line speeds. Plasma-assisted immobilisation of antimicrobial substrates and the inhibition of bacteria growth have been achieved. In addition, a reduction in the OTR-value of the uncoated samples was obtained. Silane based sol-gel coatings were successfully spray coated on plasma treated paper products to enhance the barrier properties and surface free energy.

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