Investigation of the alpha-cluster structure of Ne-22 and Mg-22

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List of Authors: Goldberg VZ, Rogachev GV, Trzaska WH, Kolata JJ, Andreyev A, Angulo C, Borge MJG, Cherubini S, Chubarian G, Crowley G, Van Duppen P, Gorska M, Gulino M, Huyse M, Jesinger P, Kallman KM, Lattuada M, Lonnroth T, Mutterer M, Raabe R, Romano S, Rozhkov MV, Skorodumov BB, Spitaleri C, Tengblad O, Tumino A
Publication year: 2004
Journal: Physical Review C
Journal acronym: PHYS REV C
Volume number: 69
Number of pages: 10
ISSN: 2469-9985
eISSN: 0556-2813


An excitation function for resonance elastic scattering of alpha particles on O-18 and Ne-18 was measured using the method of inverse geometry with a very thick target. Spectroscopic information was obtained for 23 levels in the excitation energy region from 11.9 to 13.7 MeV in Ne-22. Twelve of them are new. General features of a-cluster bands in Ne-22 are analyzed in the framework of the potential model with a deep potential well. Predictions for the 11(-) level in Ne-22, as well as for the isotopic shift of the cluster levels in Mg-22, are given. Evidence is presented that new perspectives on the study of nuclear structure and nuclear spectroscopy can be obtained in complimentary measurements of alpha-cluster states in mirror Nnot equalZ nuclei.

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