Nanostructured precious metal catalysts for PEM fuel cells and hydrogen generators

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List of Authors: Kauranen Pertti, Puhakka Eini, Bergelin Mikael, Keskinen Jari, Tapper Unto, Eriksson Jan-Erik, Valkiainen Matti, Peltonen Terttu, Rosenberg Rolf, Reinikainen Matti, Roozeman Robert
Editors: Valtion Teknillinen Tutkimuskeskus
Place: Finland
Publication year: 2006
Publisher: VTT
Book title: Applied Material Research at VTT
Title of series: VTT Symposium
Volume number: 244
Start page: 30
End page: 39
ISBN: 978-951-38-6311-1
ISSN: 0357-9387


Fuel cells and hydrogen generators are important electrochem. energy conversion devices for future energy technol. Fuel cells convert pure hydrogen or other hydrogen rich fuel into DC electricity. In a hydrogen generator, the reaction is reversed and water is electrochem. split into hydrogen and oxygen. During the last decade, polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) based components have played a key role in both fuel cell and hydrogen generator development. The major conversion loss in a PEM fuel cell takes place on the oxygen redn. cathode and in a PEM hydrogen generator on the oxygen evolution anode. Mol. modeling has been combined with exptl. work in order to optimize nanostructured catalysts for both types of electrodes.

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