Interactive modeling activities in the classroom - rotational motion and smartphone gyroscopes

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Publikationens författare: Ray Pörn, Mats Braskén
Förläggare: IOP Publishing
Publiceringsår: 2016
Tidskrift: Physics Education
Volym: 51
Nummer: 6
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eISSN: 1361-6552


The wide-spread availability of smartphones makes them a valuable
addition to the measurement equipment in both the physics classroom and
the instructional laboratory, encouraging an active interaction between
measurements and modeling activities. In this paper we illustrate this
interaction by making use of the internal gyroscope of a smartphone to study
and measure the rotational dynamics of objects rotating about a fixed axis.
The workflow described in this paper has been tested in a classroom setting
and found to encourage an exploratory approach to both data collecting and

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