Introduction to equation solving for a new generation of algebra learners

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Publikationens författare: Ann-Sofi Röj-Lindberg, Ann-Maija Partanen, Kirsti Hemmi
Redaktörer: Thérèse Dooley, Ghislaine Gueudet
Förlagsort: Dublin
Publiceringsår: 2017
Förläggare: European Society for Research in Mathematics Education
Moderpublikationens namn: Proceedings of the Tenth Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education (CERME10, February 1-5, 2017)
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ISBN: 978-1-873769-73-7


of equality and solving equations are some of the big ideas in algebra. They have
been in focus in early algebra research for some decades and in many countries
it is now usual to work with equalities and solving equations using informal
methods from early school years. However, it is not clear how the transition to
formal methods of equation solving could be conducted in order to maintain
students’ interest and enhance their algebraic understanding. We shed light on
the issue by reporting on what happens when three teachers introduce equation
solving with formal methods in Grade 6 (age of 12) in Finland. We especially
consider how the introduction could support students’ development of an
algebraic understanding of equality and their engagement in more formal

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