Mobile application driven consumer engagement

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Publikationens författare: Tarute Asta, Nikou Shahrokh, Gatautis Rimantas
Förläggare: Elsevier
Publiceringsår: 2017
Tidskrift: Telematics and Informatics
Tidskriftsakronym: T&I
Volym: 34
Nummer: 4
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The growing popularity of mobile technologies and applications, lead many companies to develop relations with consumers through mobile applications. Therefore, it is important to understand how to design applications based on consumer preferences. This research seeks to understand which features of mobile applications stimulate consumer engagement and lead to continuous use of mobile applications. This study used an online questionnaire to collect data from 246 respondents. The data was analyzed making use of Structural Equations Modeling (SEM). The results indicate that perception of such features as design solutions and information quality will result in higher engagement leading to continuous usage of mobile applications. Moreover, consumer engagement positively influenced users’ intention to continuous usage of mobile applications. Inconsistent with expectation, consumer interaction and functionality features are not found to be positively related to consumer engagement with mobile applications.


Consumer behaviour, Consumer engagement, Intention to use, Mobile applications

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