’Honour-Related Violence and Children’s Right to Physical and Psychological Integrity’

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Publikationens författare: Lisa Grans
Förläggare: Taylor & Francis
Förlagsort: Oxford
Publiceringsår: 2017
Tidskrift: Nordic Journal of Human Rights / Nordisk Tidsskrift for Menneskerettigheter
Volym: 35
Nummer: 2
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eISSN: 1891-814X


This article discusses the protection children subjected to honourrelated
violence are entitled to under international human rights
law. The issue is examined from the perspective of the practical
and effective implementation of the right to physical and
psychological integrity. In ensuring this right, relevant authorities
must take the child’s right to family life into consideration, which
may require specific measures to ensure a safe home
environment in the long term. In cases of honour-related violence,
this arguably entails addressing attitudes of family members that
uphold violence, notably attitudes towards what is considered
acceptable social behaviour for girls and boys and how the family
can uphold its honour without resorting to violence. An obligation
to support parents in such a manner can be held to exist under
the Convention on the Rights of the Child, but has not yet been
advanced by the European Court of Human Rights.

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