Review of the behaviour of a many predators-one prey system.

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List of Authors: Söderbacka G. J., Petrov A. S.
Publication year: 2019
Journal: Dinamicheskie Sistemy
Volume number: 9(37)
Issue number: 3
Start page: 273
End page: 288


consider a known predator-prey system, where more than one predator compete for the same prey. Mainly the case with two predators is
considered. A review of general results is given, among them conditions
for the extinction of one predator and an investigation of the different
types of coexistence of predators. In non-degenerate cases the predators
in this model cannot coexist at an equilibrium, but there can be a
cyclic or more complicated coexistence. Many numerical results are
presented. A model map for a Poincar´e map is given under some
conditions. But the most interesting case where there can arise
”spiral-like” attractors is not well known here, and we pose open
questions. We discuss some bifurcations and the existence of systems
with several attractors.

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