From audio broadcasting to video streaming: The impact of digitalization on music broadcasting among the Swedish-speaking minority of Finland

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Publikationens författare: Johannes Brusila, Kim Ramstedt
Förläggare: Intellect
Publiceringsår: 2019
Tidskrift: Journal of European Popular Culture
Volym: 10
Nummer: 2
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This paper investigates how digitalization has affected the role that Finland’s Public
Service Broadcasting Company (YLE) plays for the popular music culture of the
Swedish-speaking minority of Finland. Drawing on theories from popular music
and cultural industry studies, the study explores to what extent new technology has
changed practices, structures and perspectives of minority artists. The paper, which
forms a sub-study of a larger research project on the impact of digitalization on
minority music, focuses on two case studies, the comic duo Pleppo and comedian/
artist Alfred Backa. The analysis illustrates how important the public service broad-
casting company still is for minority culture despite the structural changes caused by
digitalization. However, the radio’s quality norms have led to a paradoxical situation
where the digital productions of the musicians need to compete with the technical standards of the international entertainment industry, whereas the channels’ own
productions can follow DIY norms. As the broadcasting company is increasingly
moving its focus towards the web, it must in the future achieve a balance between the
different dynamics of commercial interests, controversial creativity and traditional
public broadcasting objectives.


Digitalization, media, Minority, Music

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