Digital Skills in Finnish Public Libraries to Engage in the National Operating Model for Digital Support for Citizens

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Publikationens författare: Anu Ojaranta, Päivi Litmanen-Peitsala
Förläggare: International Federation of Library Associations and Institution
Förlagsort: Den Haag
Publiceringsår: 2019
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During the last four years, government actions have required Finnish public libraries to take a more
concrete role in citizens’ digital support. Although Finland is doing well in digitalisation, and
libraries have been providing digital support since the mid-1990s, there are large groups of citizens
who have a wide range of challenges in the digital world. There is a dire need to equally engage
citizens to use digital services and devices. However, the digital skills of library employees have
diverged during the last decades. This calls for wider further education activities for library
employees. Turku City Library studied the digital competencies of 405 public library employees in
South-West Finland. However, significant variation was found in digital competencies. National-level
digital competence requirements have been created by the Council of Public Libraries, and further
education activities have been launched all over Finland, organised by the nine regional development
libraries with extra finance from the Parliament Finance Committee’s Digital Libraries Initiative, to
enhance digital competency in public libraries and create collaborative networks to help citizens take
part in digital society.


art history + twentieth century art + book review, Digitalization, Libraries, Public libraries


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