Labour Market Status at Ages 50–64 and All-Cause Mortality at Ages 65–70: A Longitudinal Study from Finland

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Publikationens författare: Julia Klein, Jan Saarela
Publiceringsår: 2019
Tidskrift: Finnish Yearbook of Population Research
Volym: 53
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Individuals’ labour market status and health are known to be highly
correlated. To investigate this association beyond prime working ages,
we study how all-cause mortality at ages 65–70 relates to different
labour market positions at ages 50–64. The data stem from random samples
of the Finnish population, which make it possible to follow 33,000
individuals in the period 1987–2011. Hazard models are estimated to
quantify the associations. For both men and women, disability pensioners
have a hazard of dying at age 65+ that is approximately twice that of
persons who were employed, and this ratio still exceeds 1.5 when
socioeconomic and demographic variables are included. Also male
unemployment, but not female, is associated with an elevated mortality
risk, but this interrelation depends greatly on socioeconomic position.

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