Deliberative Mini-Publics: Core Design Features

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Publikationens författare: David Farrell, Nicole Curato, John S. Dryzek, Brigitte Geißel, Kimmo Grönlund, Sofie Marien, Simon Niemeyer,
Jean-Benoit Pilet, Alan Renwick, Jonathan Rose, Maija Setälä, Jane Suiter
Förläggare: The Centre for Deliberative Democracy & Global Governance, University of Canberra
Förlagsort: Canberra
Publiceringsår: 2019
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This working paper identifies core design features of a deliberative mini-public (DMP). It aims to provide clarity on what distinguishes a
DMP from other forms of citizen engagement and participation by characterising its normative foundations and setting out its key features
under a series of discrete headings that can be used as a resource by anyone designing, implementing, or studying DMPs


Deliberative democracy


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