Archaeology and Archaeological Information in the Digital Society

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Publikationens författare: Isto Huvila, Lisa Börjesson, Nicolò Dell'Unto, Daniel Löwenborg, Bodil Petersson, Per Stenborg
Redaktörer: Isto Huvila
Förläggare: Routledge
Publiceringsår: 2018
Förläggare: Routledge
ISBN: 1351846396
eISBN: 9781315225272


Archaeology and Archaeological Information in the Digital Society shows how the digitization of archaeological information, tools and workflows, and their interplay with both old and new non-digital practices throughout the archaeological information process, affect the outcomes of archaeological work, and in the end, our general understanding of the human past. Whereas most of the literature related to archaeological information work has been based on practical and theoretical considerations within specific areas of archaeology, this innovative volume combines and integrates intra- and extra-disciplinary perspectives to archaeological work, looking at archaeology from both the inside and outside. With fields studies from museums and society, and pioneering new academic research, Archaeology and Archaeological Information in the Digital Society will interest archaeologists across the board. Introduction / Isto Huvila Digital archaeological data for future knowledge-making / Lisa Börjesson and Isto Huvila Knowledge Production with Data from Archaeological Excavations / Daniel Löwenborg 3D Models and Knowledge Production / Nicolo dell'Unto From storing to storytelling - archaeological museums and digitisation / Bodil Petersson (text), in collaboration with Carolina Larsson (illustrations and technical explanations) On the potentials and limitations of digital mediation of archaeological information / Per Stenborg Ecology of archaeological information work / Isto Huvila Archaeological information work and the digital turn / Isto Huvila, Lisa Börjesson, Nicolo Dell'Unto, Daniel Löwenborg, Bodil Petersson and Per Stenborg Epilogue / Isto Huvila

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