The Nordic @geing Online project: Co-creating a social application together with older adults

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Publikationens författare: Johanna Nordmyr, Anna K Forsman
Publiceringsår: 2019
Tidskrift: European Journal of Public Health
Förläggare: Oxford University Press
Moderpublikationens namn: Supplement 12th European Public Health Conference Building bridges for solidarity and public health Marseille, France 20th–23rd November 2019
Volym: 29
ISSN: 1101-1262



resources present various possibilities for health promotion, also in
the growing older adult population. Tailored online services aiming to
support social participation among users could potentially promote older
adults’ psychosocial health. In the @geing Online project an online
application is developed, focusing on access to meaningful social
activities among older adults in rural areas in Finland and Sweden. The
innovation project (2017-2020) is funded by the Interreg
Botnia-Atlantica programme (European Regional Development Fund).


collaborative, user-centred design approach is applied when developing
the online application, allowing older potential users and personnel
groups from the social and health care sector to evaluate application
features in a step-wise process. The inclusion of personnel groups
allows for the exploration of the feasibility of introducing the tool in
home care services and similar relevant contexts from an organizational
perspective. Further, the inclusion of regional IT-companies presents
opportunities for them to develop their competence regarding eHealth
tools and older adults as a target group.


advanced prototype of the application and its core features is
presented. Promising approaches and outcomes regarding the co-creation
methods applied to ensure the involvement of stakeholders in the
development process are elaborated upon. Challenging issues related to
the project theme, such as stereotypical and negative views of older
adults’ competences and motivation related to application use are also


project highlights possibilities - but also challenges - when
co-creating a social application together with older adults, some of
whom have no experience in internet use. The gathered project outcomes
will provide lessons on the potential of new technologies for delivering
health promotion initiatives among older adults.

Key messages
  • Tailored
    online services aiming to support social participation among users
    provide possibilities for promoting psychosocial health in the growing
    population of older adults.

  • Application development
    utilizing a user-centered design approach can be implemented even if the
    end-users are not familiar with the internet or application use.

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