MegaM@Rt2 Project: Mega-Modelling at Runtime - Intermediate Results and Research Challenges

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Publikationens författare: Sadovykh A, Truscan D, Afzal W, Bruneliere H, Ashraf A, Gómez A, Espinosa A, Widforss G, Pierini P, Fourneret E, Bagnato A
Redaktörer: Mazzara M, Bruel J, Meyer B, Petrenko A
Förläggare: Springer International Publishing
Publiceringsår: 2019
Tidskrift: Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Förläggare: Springer
Moderpublikationens namn: Software Technology: Methods and Tools
Seriens namn: Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Volym: 11771
Artikelns första sida, sidnummer: 393
Artikelns sista sida, sidnummer: 405
ISBN: 978-3-030-29852-4
eISBN: 978-3-030-29852-4


MegaM@Rt2 Project is a major European effort towards the model-driven engineering of complex Cyber-Physical systems combined with runtime analysis. Both areas are dealt within the same methodology to enjoy the mutual benefits through sharing and tracking various engineering artifacts. The project involves 27 partners that contribute with diverse research and industrial practices addressing real-life case study challenges stemming from 9 application domains. These partners jointly progress towards a common framework to support those application domains with model-driven engineering, verification, and runtime analysis methods. In this paper, we present the motivation for the project, the current approach and the intermediate results in terms of tools, research work and practical evaluation on use cases from the project. We also discuss outstanding challenges and proposed approaches to address them.


Cyber-Physical systems, ECSEL, Mega-Modelling, Model-Driven Engineering, Runtime Analysis, Tools, Traceability

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