Can You Forgive Me?

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List of Authors: Camilla Kronqvist
Publication year: 2019
Journal: Ethical Perspectives
Volume number: 26
Issue number: 2
Start page: 299
End page: 322


A standard
philosophical question of forgiveness is when and how forgiveness can take
place, without altering the fact that a wrong was done that justifies
resentment, and without equating forgiveness with excusing, condoning,
accepting, understanding or forgetting. This article asks whether significant
aspects of what we ordinarily understand as forgiveness fall out of the picture
if these conditions are required to be met to be able to speak of forgiving. By
elaborating on the four words of the title, it shows that too much emphasis is
put on whether we can forgive and in determining what forgiveness is, at the
expense of elucidating the moral dynamic between “I” and “you” when the need
for forgiveness arise. The difficulty of forgiveness, it is argued, does not
lie in determining whether this or that case is truly a form of forgiveness,
but in actually forgiving you, or in realising that I myself need to be
forgiven. Rather than providing an account of the conditions under which
forgiveness makes sense, this provides an opportunity to deepen our
understanding of what sense our life makes in the light of forgiveness. In particular
the discussion reveals how certain experiences of you have the power to
transform and deepen my understanding of forgiveness.


Forgiveness, love

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