Structural changes of bamboo-derived lignin in an integrated process of autohydrolysis and formic acid inducing rapid delignification

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List of Authors: Yongchao Zhang, Menghua Qin, Wenyang Xu, Yingjuan Fu, Zhaojiang Wang, Zongquan Li, Stefan Willför, Chunlin Xu, Qingxi Hou
Publication year: 2018
Journal: Industrial Crops and Products
Journal acronym: Ind. Crops Prod.
Volume number: 115
Start page: 194
End page: 201
eISSN: 1872-633X


Bamboo chips were efficiently fractionated using an integrated process of autohydrolysis and formic acid to induce rapid delignification. Autohydrolysis pretreatment facilitated oligosaccharide production, while the subsequent rapid-delignification using formic acid at a low liquid/solid ratio with a relatively short reaction time allowed obtaining cellulose fibers and lignin. The major inter-unit linkages of side-chain in lignin were cleaved during the combined fractionation process. The lignin fraction exhibited higher purity, more phenolic OH groups, less condensed phenolic OH groups, and higher syringyl/guaiacyl ratio (S/G) as compared to MWL and formic acid lignin from the direct formic acid delignification. These results indicate that the combined fractionation process presents a promising approach to the commercial utilization in the biorefinery industry.


Autohydrolysis, Bamboo, Rapid-fractionation, Structural analysis


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