Immersion Students in The Matriculation Examination Three Years After Immersion

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List of Authors: Mari Bergroth
Editors: Siv Björklund, Karita Mård-Miettinen, Marina Bergström, Margareta Södergård
Place: Vasa
Publication year: 2006
Publisher: Vaasan yliopiston julkaisuja
Book title: Exploring Dual-Focussed Education:Integrating language and content for individual and societal needs
Title of series: Vaasan yliopiston julkaisuja, Selvityksiä ja raportteja
Number in series: 132
Start page: 123
End page: 134
ISBN: 952-476-149-1
ISSN: 1238-7118


Immersion in Finland has grown in popularity since its start in 1987 in Vaasa/Vasa. Much of the popularity depends on the fact that immersion students learn their L2 effectively without losing their L1 skills or skills in other school subjects. Despite the positive effects of immersion there are still questions regarding how students manage higher education after immersion. In this article I will give a quantitative analysis of immersion students in the matriculation examination by focusing on the tests they participated in and the grades they received.


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