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Publikationens författare: Jan-Erik Romar, Emma Samuelsson
Förläggare: Univerza v Ljubljani
Förlagsort: Ljubljana
Publiceringsår: 2018
Tidskrift: Kinesiologia Slovenica
Volym: 24
Nummer: 2
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Previous studies with systematic observation tools in
the coaching context have reported that the pattern of
coaching behaviour can be understood as a sequential
cycle of unplanned and reactive behaviours where
coaches most frequently instructed, provided feedback
and encouragement while simultaneously managing
the training environment. Nonetheless, there is a
clear limitation when the coaching process is viewed
as unidirectional without accounting for how athletes’
behaviour can inform coaching processes. Therefore,
the purpose of this study is to describe and interpret
the ecology of youth swimming training sessions. The
following research questions framed the study: (a) How
did the coaches structure the training sessions? (b) What
kind of coach instructional and managerial behaviours
were prevalent in this context? and (c) How active
were athletes during the training sessions? Two youth
swimming coaches and their athletes were videotaped
during five training sessions each. A modified version of
the task structure observational instrument was used to
systematically observe the swimming training sessions.
Results showed that both coaches provided much time
for athletes to practice motor skills, and little time was
used for management and instruction. In addition to
describing tasks and explaining how to perform them,
the coaches instructed while athletes practiced and
provided both positive and corrective feedback. Finally,
athletes were actively engaged and showed high levels
of compliance in instructional and managerial tasks.

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