1.8 Ga magmatism in southern Finland: strongly enriched mantle and juvenile crustal sources in a post-collisional setting

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List of Authors: Henrikki Rutanen , Ulf B. Andersson , Markku Väisänen , Åke Johansson , Sören Fröjdö , Yann Lahaye , Olav Eklund
Publication year: 2011
Journal: International Geology Review
Journal acronym: INT GEOL REV
Volume number: 53
Issue number: 14
Start page: 1622
End page: 1683
Number of pages: 62
ISSN: 0020-6814


The similar to 1.8 Ga post-kinematic intrusions were emplaced within the SSAC subsequent to the continental collision with the Volgo-Sarmatia craton from the SE, during a shift from contraction to extension, that is, in a post-collisional setting.


Fennoscandian Shield, geochemistry, mantle metasomatism, Nd-Sr-Hf and U-Pb isotopes, shoshonitic, Svecofennian

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