Modeling of gaseous fuel combustion using the Eddy Break-Up model combined with fast chemistry or finite rate chemistry

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List of Authors: Brink A, Mueller C, Kilpinen P, Hupa M
Editors: Albino Reis et al.
Publisher: INFUB
Place: Rio Tinto
Publication year: 2000
Book title: Industrial furnaces and boilers
Volume number: 2
Start page: 335
End page: 343
Number of pages: 9
ISBN: 972-8034-04-0


The feasibility of using the Eddy Break-Up (EBU) model to describe stationary combustion of gaseous fuels with 1) a single-step fast irreversible reaction and 2) a multi-step reaction mechanism has been investigated. In this investigation the EBU model is used to describe the combustion in a CFD study of a semi-industrial flame. A presumed probability density function (pdf) analysis is used to explain at which conditions the EBU model, despite being based on mean quantities in the expression for the chemical reaction rate, has the capability to successfully predict the influence of reaction kinetics. At the same time, reasons are given why the EBU model should not be used with multi-step chemistry.


Eddy Break-Up, finite rate chemistry, turbulence-chemistry interaction

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