Immobilization of chiral ligands on polymer fibers by electron beam induced grafting and applications in enantioselective catalysis

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Publikationens författare: Degni S, Wilen CE, Leino R
Publiceringsår: 2001
Tidskrift: Organic Letters
Tidskriftsakronym: ORG LETT
Volym: 3
Nummer: 16
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Antal sidor: 4
ISSN: 1523-7060


Styrenic TADDOL and L-prolinol-derived monomers were immobilized on polyethylene fibers by electron beam induced preirradiation grafting using styrene as comonomer. The polymer-supported chiral ligands were utilized as catalysts in the asymmetric addition of diethylzinc to benzaldehyde. Fiber-bound titanium TADDOLate gave a quantitative conversion of benzaldehyde to 1-phenylpropan-1-ol in a 97:3 S/R enantiomeric ratio. The catalyst was successfully regenerated and employed in subsequent reactions with retention of high enantioselectivities.

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