Structural Investigation of Biologically Active Phenolic Compounds Isolated from European Tree Species

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List of Authors: Izabela Redzynia, Natasza E. Ziólkowska, Wieslaw R. Majzner, Stefan Willför, Rainer Sjöholm, Patrik Eklund and Grzegorz Bujacz
Publisher: MDPI AG
Publication year: 2009
Journal: Molecules
Journal acronym: MOLECULES
Volume number: 14
Issue number: 10
Start page: 4147
End page: 4158
Number of pages: 12
ISSN: 1420-3049


X-ray structures of two compounds isolated from wood knots of coniferous trees, namely dihydrokaempferol (3,5,8,13-tetrahydroxyflavanon) and lariciresinol (3,14-dimetoxy-7,10-epoxylignan-4,15,19-triol), are presented here. Diffraction data for the dihydrokaempferol crystals were collected on a CAD4 diffractometer and on a synchrotron for the lariciresinol crystal. The investigated compounds inhibit lipid peroxidation and lariciresinol is additionally a good scavenger of superoxide radicals. The structural data presented in this work provide a useful basis for designing more active compounds with potential use as antioxidants.


antioxidant potency, crystal structure, flavonoids, "host - guest" inclusion crystals, lignans, phenolic compounds

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