Membranes and mammalian glycolipid transferring proteins

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Publikationens författare: Jessica Tuuf, Peter Mattjus
Publiceringsår: 2014
Tidskrift: Chemistry and Physics of Lipids
Tidskriftsakronym: CHEM PHYS LIPIDS
Volym: 178
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Antal sidor: 11
ISSN: 0009-3084
eISSN: 1873-2941


Glycolipids are synthesized in and on various organelles throughout the cell. Their trafficking inside the cell is complex and involves both vesicular and protein-mediated machineries. Most important for the bulk lipid transport is the vesicular system, however, lipids moved by transfer proteins are also becoming more characterized. Here we review the latest advances in the glycolipid transfer protein (GLTP) and the phosphoinositol 4-phosphate adaptor protein-2 (FAPP2) field, from a membrane point of view.


FAPP2, GLTP, Glycosphingolipid, Membrane binding

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